Leverage Your Art Course 2021

with Stacie Bloomfield of Gingiber

After quitting my successful 20+ year career in IT a couple of years ago, I was purely focussed on a path of building my portfolio and licensing my artwork in my new Surface Design career. Then I discovered Stacie Bloomfield from Gingiber and my mind was opened to so many new possibilities. It ignited a fire in me. I instantly signed up to Stacie's 8 week course Leverage Your Art which taught me numerous ways to leverage my art across multiple income streams.

A few months later I had an online shop, taken wholesale and consignment orders, had a stall at markets, was featured in a book, taught my first in person class, licensed my work, created a local community of surface designers in Brisbane and grew my business so much more than I ever dreamed of. I'm so thankful to Stacie for sharing not only her knowledge but her encouragement and support. I am so pumped with the direction my business is now taking with multiple streams of income.

​Stacie is so generous in sharing everything with us on how she built her amazingly successful business Gingiber. What I loved most is how down to earth and real Stacie is. She genuinely wants to help us all succeed.

Stacie is offering a FREE 4 part mini course for you to get to know her and her style. You will have access to this until 15th June 2021.

Enrollment is now open for the 2021 class of Leverage Your Art for one week only. If you are wanting to take your creative business to the next level, this is the place for you.

For more information check out the course content.

I am a partner for Leverage Your Art which means that I get a little kickback for anyone that signs up via my link. As a thank you, I am offering two amazing bonuses to you:

  1. a AUD$50 Printful voucher for you to get some product samples printed with your designs to help get you started with dropshipping

  2. Two online group meetups with me

I am also honoured to be part of the Leverage Your Art Support Team for 2021 as a Community Guide.

Enrollment closes 15th June 2021, 11:59pm CT

To sign up or get more information click here

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