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Brisbane Surface Designers

Are you a Brisbane based Surface Designer looking to form connections with other local designers?

Brisbane Surface Designers is a community of creatives who share a passion for surface design. This group brings together individuals living in Brisbane and its surrounding areas, providing a platform to

connect, collaborate, and share knowledge and experiences.

It's a supportive community where members can seek guidance, offer advice, and cheer each other on in their creative journeys. Whether you are an experienced surface designer or just starting out, this group offers a welcoming and inclusive space for anyone interested in the field.

The group meets in person every quarter, giving members the opportunity to network and engage in face-to-face discussions on various topics related to surface design. In between the meetings, members stay connected and engage in discussions via the group's Facebook page.


To find out about upcoming events, head to the events page and RSVP, or sign up to the email list below so you will always be in the loop!

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