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Where did Loopla get it’s name

Updated: Apr 8

A couple of people have recently asked me where the name Loopla came from so I thought I would share the story with you all.

Once upon a time, in a prior life before surface pattern design, Loopla was a small handmade business selling hand knitted cowls. What’s a cowl I hear many of you ask? A cowl is like a scarf but in a continuous loop. I wanted the name of my cowl business to include the word Loop in it. An afternoon play with random name generators incorporating the word loop and voila, Loopla was born.

My cowl business slowed down as I focussed more of my time on my surface design journey. I loved the name Loopla and felt the playful and fun name still suited my surface designs. So here we are!

Here’s a photo of me wearing one of my cowls. I still have some if anyone is interested. Just shoot me a message and I can send you photos of the different styles I have.

Tammy de Zilva in chunky orange cowl and sunglasses

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