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Ever find yourself in that exciting whirlwind of a course, where the "aha" moments keep coming, and you're ready to tackle it all? I totally get you! Those task ideas could end up scattered everywhere – course workbooks, notes apps, you name it. And when the course wraps up, it's a maze to piece it all together and decide what to do first.

That's why I've created a lifesaver – the Course Task Tracker. I've designed it on Airtable, and guess what? It's yours to grab below! Simply enter in your course details, and as you glide through each lesson, you can effortlessly add tasks and tie them back to the lesson that sparked the brilliance.

Curious about Airtable? No worries, I've got you covered with a step-by-step video tutorial. Airtable is available on desktop and via the app, so you can access it wherever you're learning. Plus, it's completely accessible using Airtable's free plan. I've even tossed in some sample data to help you dive right in.

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