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December DIY: Loopla Scrunchie Style!

Updated: Apr 7

December had me working some crazy hours and juggling deadlines before I went away for Christmas holidays. I had a couple of days left in December when I got back with a to do list of things around the house, so knew my December make had to be a quick and easy sewing project. Something I'd been wanting to make is a scrunchie with a hair tie instead of with a piece of elastic.

With my hair getting longer, and hair ties pulling my hair too tight sometimes, I have been wanting some scrunchies for a loser way to tie up my hair. It's been way too hot this summer to have my hair down!

I found a great video tutorial from Pumpkin Emily.

I used a lightweight cotton twill fabric using a scrap of my Loopla brand pattern, and cut it to 50cm x 10cm. Folding the fabric front sides together and through the loop of the hair tie, I slowly sewed the seam together as I moved around the hair tie.

Once it was sewn all the way around, it was time to turn it the right way around. I then folded in one end and poked the other end through so I could then sew it up. If I was to make it again, I think I might make it a bit wider.

Tammy de Zilva wearing her scrunchie creation

I can't wait to rock this scrunchie alongside my Loopla Pinafore. Head over to Instagram where I shared a photo mid make of the pinafore. You can also see my Loopla cushion behind me in the photos.

Be sure to check out the range of Loopla fabrics at Spoonflower.

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