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Quickly resize videos with Adobe Express

Updated: Apr 8

Recently, I decided to tackle a new pattern challenge, Create with Loopla, and share it with the world to join me via a captivating reel on social media 😉. I turned to my trusty sidekick, iMovie, for video editing magic. But little did I know, a tiny hiccup was waiting for me along the way.

After editing the video and exporting it, at 1:30am when I really should have been fast asleep, I realised that iMovie's frame size is 16:9, instead of the 9:16 aspect ratio required for reels. Argh!

Rather than diving into another editing tool like Adobe Rush to edit my video from scratch in the right aspect ratio, I remembered a lifesaver: Adobe Express Resize Video Quick Action! It was such a breeze with its preset sizes.

Let me break it down for you step by step, so you can conquer the resizing challenge with ease too.

Ok, here I am in iMovie (below), not even noticing that it has padded out my 9:16 aspect video with black on the sides to make it into a 16:9 aspect ratio.

iMovie My Media open project with video of Tammy de Zilva

1. Go to Adobe Express and click on Resize Video in the "Try a quick action" section. You can also access the Resize Video quick action via the Adobe Express app.

Adobe Express platform with Resize Video circled in red on right hand side

2. I then upload my video by dragging and dropping the video I exported out of iMovie

Adobe Express Drag and Drop a video example

3. Select Resize for Instagram and then Story/Reels while the video is uploading. You can see the resize magic applied as you click on the different sizes.

Video of Tammy de Zilva in Adobe Express Resize video size options

4. Quick loo stop while the video is processing!

Adobe Express video processing example

5. Voila! The video is resized and ready to download, and I basked in the satisfaction of knowing that I conquered the resizing challenge rather than having to re-edit my video (and could get to sleep sooner!).

Adobe Express finished resized video with download button

You can see the video that I'd edited in iMovie below on the left with the padded black sides, versus the resized video on the right in the correct aspect ratio ready for my Instagram reel. So quick and easy to fix up!!

Resized video in two formats, with padded black sides and without ready for Instagram reel

With Adobe Express Quick Actions by your side, resizing your videos for Instagram stories and reels (or whichever aspect you need) becomes a walk in the park. No need to fuss over re-editing or spending hours learning a new tool if you created or saved it in a different aspect. Time is precious (as is sleep!), and now you can focus on what truly matters: infusing the world with your vibrant designs!

If you're new to Adobe Express, why not check out my previous post Get Started with Adobe Express.

Adobe Express Try Now Affiliates link graphic

You can access Adobe Express on desktop via* or download the app via Google Play or iOS App Store. It's free to use by anyone. If you have a Creative Cloud subscription you will also get access to premium features. If you don't have a Creative Cloud subscription and would like to try out the premium features, you can access a free 30 day trial* HERE.

* Affiliate link in use

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