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The NEW Adobe Express web desktop is here!

Updated: Apr 8

Adobe Express is a popular design tool that makes it easy to create stunning visuals for social media, websites, and more. The new version of Adobe Express for desktop has launched and it's packed with some amazing new features and capabilities that make it even more powerful and versatile. Read on to find out which are my favourite new features.

All-In-One Editor for Effortless Magic

Let's kick things off with the new all-in-one editor. No designer? No problem! Short on time? No problem! With this feature, whipping up stunning designs and videos becomes a breeze. Imagine seamlessly adding text, images, videos, and other elements to your creations, and then jazzing them up to match your brand and style.

Adobe Express project example
All-in-one editor with animations

Video Templates and Animations for Instant Wow

Adobe Express now flaunts a library of pre-made video templates and animations. No more hours of staring at a blank canvas. Just pick a template, customise it to suit your brand and style, and voilà – you've got yourself a masterpiece.

Animation created from the above project

Multiple Page Templates for Your Every Need

Diving into reports, presentations, and brochures? Adobe Express has got you covered with its stash of pre-made multiple page templates. Say goodbye to the "where do I even start" dilemma. These templates bring professionalism to your documents without the fuss of starting from scratch.

Adobe Express template examples
View of all pages in a multi page template example

Fresh Design Elements – Icons, Stickers, and More!

Injecting personality into your designs just got cooler, thanks to the new design element library. Icons, stickers, illustrations – you name it. These elements are the secret sauce for adding that extra touch of flair and making your creations truly yours.

Adobe Express project background example
Designs Assets, Backgrounds and Shapes via Elements

Chrome Extension: Your Creative Sidekick

We're all Chrome fans, right? Well, now you can be a Chrome-powered creator too. Adobe Express comes with a Chrome extension that's basically your express lane to creativity. Quick access to your fave features? Check! Designing on the go? Double-check!

Google Chrome Extension shortcut screenshot
Google Chrome Extension via the shortcut

Google Chrome Extension image search flower sample and right click example
Google Chrome Extension via right click on an image

Wix Integration: Visuals, Welcome to Your New Home

Calling all Wix users! Adobe Express is now integrated within the Wix Media Manager, making your website more vibrant and personal than ever. Edit images, create designs, all without stepping out of Wix. Talk about making things easy peasy! If you're a fellow Wix user, read more about it here.

Wix Media Manager dashboard with Adobe Express link circled in red on right hand side
Wix Media Manager

You can read more about the Adobe Express announcement and all the new features on the Adobe blog.

Introducing Adobe Express try now affliate link graphic

Access the new Adobe Express on desktop via*. The app is currently only available for the prior version via Google Play or iOS App Store but will be updated soon. It's free to use by anyone. If you have a Creative Cloud subscription you will also get access to premium features. If you don't have a Creative Cloud subscription and would like to try out the premium features, you can access a free 30 day trial* HERE.

* Affiliate link in use

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