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Master the Art of Font Pairing with Adobe Express

Updated: Apr 8

Font pairing is all about bringing together two or more fonts that complement each other like peanut butter and chocolate (my favourite combo) or the perfect pizza toppings, creating a harmonious and visually pleasing combination.

Think of fonts as personalities. Each one has its own vibe, style, and character. Some are bold and attention grabbing, while others are more elegant and refined. When you pair fonts, you want to make sure they work well together and enhance the overall look and feel of your design.

The key to successful font pairing is finding a balance between contrast and cohesion. You want the fonts to contrast enough to create visual interest and hierarchy, but not so much that they clash. It's like mixing different ingredients in a recipe where you want the flavours to complement each other, not compete.

There are a few popular font pairing techniques you can try. One approach is pairing a serif font with a sans-serif font. Serif fonts have those little decorative lines at the ends of letters, giving them a more traditional and classic feel. Sans-serif fonts, on the other hand, have a clean and modern look without those lines. This combination creates a nice balance between elegance and simplicity.

Font Pairing Option Map Roman font on top, Interstate Light font on bottom

Another technique is mixing fonts with different weights or styles within the same font family. You can have a bold and eye-catching heading paired with a lighter and more readable body text. This adds variety and hierarchy to your design, making it easier for readers to navigate and absorb information.

Font Example Bagatela Bold on top, Bageta light on bottom

Font pairing has become even more fun and effortless with the help of Adobe Express*! Not only do you have access to a collection of 20,000 licensed fonts, but it also curates font recommendations for you. The ready to use templates come packed with pre-designed layouts, eye-catching graphics, font pairings and colour combos.

These templates are all set and ready to use in Adobe Express. Simply pick your favourite, customise it and voila! You've got stunning graphic content in no time. Adobe has a great blog post where you can find some font pairing examples for specific projects and links to templates ready to use in Adobe Express.

Advertising graphic examples with font pairing

Remember, font pairing is all about experimenting and finding the combination that best suits your design and message. It's like trying on different outfits until you find the one that makes you feel confident and stylish. Let Adobe Express be your ultimate font wingman!

Introducing Adobe Express Try now affiliate link graphic

You can access Adobe Express Beta or the prior version on desktop via*. The app is only available for the prior version via Google Play or iOS App Store. It's free to use by anyone. If you have a Creative Cloud subscription you will also get access to premium features. If you don't have a Creative Cloud subscription and would like to try out the premium features, you can access a free 30 day trial* HERE.

* Affiliate link in use

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