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Updated: Apr 8

I am a big believer in connecting with my community. It's so important to support each other and celebrate each others wins. Like myself, many surface designers/artists work from home. I always thought I would find it lonely working from home full time, not having someone to bounce ideas off and chat to day to day but it's been far from that.

After I took Bonnie Christine's Immersion course, I joined her membership Flourish and after taking Stacie Bloomfield's Leverage Your Art course, I joined her membership The Creative Powerhouse Society. Through these memberships I signed up to join peer groups. I honestly don't know where I would be today without my fellow peer group members. We have grown together and become friends supporting each other through not only our artistic journeys but also in our personal lives.

Brisbane Surface Designers woman holding hand line drawing in cream over rust red

I recently sat down with my Creative Powerhouse Society peer group Lisa, Irene, Benita and Jacqueline and asked them a few questions about themselves and how peer groups have helped them.

Tell me about what you do and how you like to create?

Lisa: I create bright colourful patterns inspired by design from the 50’s 60’s & 70’s using Illustrator & Photoshop.

Jacqueline: I am an obsessive so delve into lots and lots of creative hobbies on top of my day job working as a designer in industry. I am now working on my own pattern collections that are 100% about my aesthetic - very liberating!!!

Benita: I create patterns for surfaces, like material or items like cups etc. I start by drawing with pencil, get some quick sketches done, then choose the ones I like most and upload it to Fresco if I still have work to do on it, or straight into Illustrator to clean it up and manipulate it into a pattern.

Irene: Temporary tattoos, enamel pins, sun catchers, removable fabric wall decals are just a few product ranges I sell under my brand Missy Minzy. All of my illustrations were hand drawn by me. I then convert them into digital vector files before applying the illustrations across all product ranges. I would love to see more of my work using traditional mediums (designer gouache or acrylic paint) and Procreate.

What’s one of your biggest creative aspirations?

Benita: I want my own shop online that sells a variety of things including my own gym wear collection.

Irene: To have more platforms and continue growing my stockists list selling my product range.

Lisa: Biggest aspirations would be to create a coordinating homewares collection featuring wall art, wallpapers, soft furnishings & seeing in a cool Mid-century home

Jacqueline: One of my biggest creative aspirations is to have my own brand that is very identifiable - with commonalities between dance and design - rhythm and movement.

From Left to Right: Irene, Lisa (top), Jacqueline (bottom), Benita

How has your peer group helped you since you joined?

Irene: Keeping me on my toes. Having like minded buddies where we get to talk about our journeys. The support and encouragement is great.

Jacqueline: The peer group has given me a support network of like minded creatives who keep me positive when I’m heading off track! I really value everyone’s feedback and ideas and having a place for us to discuss things openly

Benita: My peer group has helped me with information and which direction to go, and how they did things to achieve the results they got. Like a guidance counsellor, but much better.

Lisa: Given me confidence, a place to discuss my ideas, fears, successes & failures. You can’t know it all so to have your own personal design brains trust is very helpful & motivating.

You can find out more about these lovely ladies below:

Kooshti by Lisa Jane Murray

Missy Minzy by Irene Tan

Benita Tatters Designs by Benita Tatters

Freedom and Space by Jacqueline Curry

If you're a local Brisbane (and surrounds) Surface Designer and would love to connect with other fellow designers, I also run a quarterly in person meet up. You can find out details for the next Brisbane Surface Designers meet up on my Events page or join the Brisbane Surface Designers Facebook Group where we share local knowledge.

Group picture of woman sitting at outdoor venue

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