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Designing Tomorrow: Embracing 70's Nostalgia and Geometry with Adobe Express

Updated: Apr 7

Let's talk trends! Do you follow them religiously, or do you prefer to do your own thing? Personally, I've always had a love for retro styles and vibrant colours—trends never quite dictated my aesthetic. (Although, let's be real, those thin '90s eyebrows were a bit of a regrettable phase!)

In my early 20s, I experimented with trends, but ultimately, I found my groove with what I truly love. Bright colours, retro vibes, and bold patterns have always been my jam. Mr. Loopla, on the other hand, couldn't be more different. His wardrobe is a sea of neutral tones—grey, white, navy, and brown make up about 90% of it!

Whilst I don't completely follow trends, I still have an interest in what's happening in the design world. That's why I was excited to read Adobe Express's blog post Graphic design trends for 2024, as two of those trends—70's nostalgia and geometry—are right up my (and Loopla's) alley!

Geometric patterns are my all-time favourite to create. There's something about playing with shapes and crafting bold patterns that just sparks my creativity. Depending how you're using a pattern, it doesn't always have to be perfectly repeating. You can use them to add depth and texture to your designs, whether it's for the background of your content or as a focal point in your artwork.

That's why I love experimenting with geometric patterns in Adobe Express. It's so easy to bring my ideas to life and explore new design concepts. And once I've nailed down the perfect pattern, I can easily take it into Adobe Illustrator to fine-tune it and create a seamless repeat if needed.

I love how versatile Adobe Express is and how it links up with other products like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop via libraries for graphic assets, colours and fonts.

Brown and Yellow Retro Surface Design

For the above design, I started with a diamond, overlapped a couple of diamonds and then kept repeating this. The colour palette really gives it the retro vibe to it with the yellow and brown.

My second design was created using a half oblong shape, again repeating and overlapping it, and using colour to form the composition.

Colourful Retro repeat pattern retro design

Adobe Express has been an invaluable tool in bringing my ideas to life with ease and flexibility. As you explore your own creative journey, I encourage you to experiment with new trends and try creating in Adobe Express. Be sure to share your creation and tag @adobeexpress in your post.

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