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Crafting Comfort: TAL Hoodie Dress

Updated: Apr 8

I haven't done any sewing in ages and was busting to get into my stash and make something. I love The Assembly Line sewing patterns and the Hoodie Dress had been calling me to make it for a while. A friend and I recently chatted about how we hadn't made time to sew in a while so we made a pact to sew something by the end of August using fabric with our designs.

Tammy de Zilva wearing her colourful TAL Hoodie Dress
TAL Hoodie Dress

I ordered 3m of Lightweight Cotton Twill in my Bubble Dots design from Spoonflower. I had originally planned to make the dress as per the pattern with the hoodie and long sleeves, but since I live in subtropical Brisbane, I knew it it needed to make it Brisbane-approved. So, out with the hood and in with the comfort! I also gave the sleeves and the dress length a little trim. Luckily I have an idea for my next sewing project already with the fabric that is left.

I would probably consider myself an advanced beginner sewer and typically follow patterns as they come, so felt a little daunted by the idea of shortening the sleeves and length given they both have cuffs. I used the elbow markings on the sleeve as my cutting point but next time I might go a bit shorter. For the length, I went for knee length and adjusted the cuff width accordingly.

Now, let's talk sizing. I'm all about that oversized, comfy look. So when it came to picking the right size for the TAL Hoodie Dress, I was torn. To be on the safe side, I played it cool and went with a Large. I probably could have gone with the Medium but I'm happy with how it's turned out. I think I'm still scarred from a previous sewing project that I started right before covid. Then came the era of covid baking, and all those extra treats didn't quite agree with my sewing project's fit when I finished it. It's been sitting never worn in the cupboard ever since!

Finished TAL Dress laid out
The finished dress!

While this dress is summer ready, I'm already thinking on how to wear it during our mild Brisbane winters. Perhaps a long-sleeve tee or a skivvy underneath and slipping into some snuggly tights. Suddenly, this dress becomes the ultimate all-weather champ.

Be sure to check out the range of Loopla fabrics at Spoonflower.

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