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New Adobe Express Beta (web only)

Updated: Apr 8

For those of you that aren't familiar with Adobe Express, it's an all-in-one app for fast and easy content creation to make Instagram Reels and TikTok videos, flyers, banners, and more. Adobe have just released a new web-only beta version* which has been built from the ground up to represent more of the best of Adobe — design, video, animation, PDF, mind blowing AI, and more — delivered in an even easier to use, yet powerful all-in-one app.

One of the things I love about the Adobe Creative Cloud suite is how the various products link together and share similar tools such as the Adobe fonts library and custom assets via Creative Cloud libraries. Being able to do this as well with Adobe Express is another bonus as I can then create quick and easy content with brand consistency for my business.

One of my favourite features of the new beta version of Adobe Express is I can now link assets from Photoshop and Illustrator. I can bring in .psd and .ai .pdf files and they stay in sync in Adobe Express as I update my source files.

As an example, I created the below mockup file using a butterfly ogee pattern I created recently as part of my Create with Loopla challenge using a free mockup I downloaded from Creatsy and saved it in my Creative Cloud files.

Hand holding mug with butterfly ogee pattern

I created a new Instagram Square Post in Adobe Express and linked the PSD file. I then added some text and made the graphic an animation.

I then updated the Photoshop file with a different design, came back into my Adobe Express project, and it notified me that my linked asset had changed.

Hand holding butterfly ogee pattern mug in Adobe Express video project with font

After updating it, the new design successfully came across.

Some of the other amazing new features of the all new web-only beta version are:

  • Powerful AI-driven creation. The most fun feature of all is Adobe Firefly. I am loving text effects and text to image and can’t wait for Generative Fill to come to Adobe Express. I've had a quick play with Generative Fill using Photoshop Beta and it's a game changer! I can see it being so useful for creating unique product mockups.

  • Powerful and high-quality PDF. The new version of Adobe Express is above and beyond the best at editing PDF’s.

  • Full video support. Creating videos is drop-dead-easy with the included video templates and audio and resize into different outputs.

Introducing Adobe Express try now affliate link graphic

You can access Adobe Express Beta or the prior version on desktop via*. The app is only available for the prior version via Google Play or iOS App Store. It's free to use by anyone. If you have a Creative Cloud subscription you will also get access to premium features. If you don't have a Creative Cloud subscription and would like to try out the premium features, you can access a free 30 day trial* HERE.

* Affiliate link in use

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