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Effortlessly Schedule Content with Adobe Express

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If you're looking to streamline your social media management, Adobe Express Content Scheduler is an excellent tool to help you stay organised and efficient. This can be done with a free Adobe Express account or a premium account (which is included with Creative Cloud subscriptions).

Three things I love about the Adobe Express Content Scheduler:

  1. I can create my content in Adobe Express and schedule directly without having to download the content first. It saves me time and reduces the hassle of managing files.

  2. I can post to multiple platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, Pinterest and TikTok. You can connect up to three accounts per social media platform too.

  3. Unlike Meta Business Suite which only allows you to schedule up to 30 days in advance for Facebook and Instagram, Adobe Express lets you schedule months into the future. You can also save draft posts and come back to them later when you're ready to schedule.

Adobe Express | Content Creation

Getting Started with Adobe Express Content Scheduler

To begin, ensure you have an Adobe Express account. You can sign up for free or a premium account here or if you'd like a free 30 day Premium trial sign up here. On a free plan, you can post up to 1000 times a month. With the Premium plan, you can connect up to three accounts per social media platform.

If you're brand new to Adobe Express and would like some guidance using the interface and creating your first piece of content, check out my online classes.

Creating and Scheduling Your Content

Start by creating your post in Adobe Express. Choose the dimensions that fit your primary social media platform, such as a square 1:1 ratio for Instagram.

Adobe Express | Social Media Content

Once your design is ready, use the duplicate and resize features to adjust your content for other platforms.

Adobe Express updates your content to suit the new size but you generally need to do a few quick tweaks. If you have created different sizes, you will then need to schedule each size separately.

Once you're happy with your content, it's time to schedule!

Adobe Express Content Scheduler Menu

Choose the social media platforms where you want to publish your post. Be sure to connect the relevant social media accounts you want to schedule to via Adobe Express first.

Select the date and time for each post. Unlike Meta Business Scheduler, which limits scheduling to the next 30 days, Adobe Express Content Scheduler allows you to schedule months in advance. Just remember to refresh your connection tokens periodically to stay connected to the platforms. You can also see individual scheduled social posts in preview mode to view exactly what your followers will see once your post is live. If you're not quite ready to schedule the post, you can alternatively save it as a draft. And you're done!

Adobe Express Content Scheduler is a great tool for anyone looking to manage their social media more effectively. Its user friendly interface and robust features allow you to create, resize, and schedule posts across multiple platforms easily. The ability to schedule months in advance offers great flexibility and convenience.

If you're ready to enhance your social media management, start using the Adobe Express Content Scheduler today and see the difference it can make. For more information, check out the Adobe Express Blog post Introducing the new Adobe Express Content Scheduler

P.S. Do you use Google Business Profile? If so, and you'd love it to be added to the list of platforms you can schedule posts to with Adobe Express, you can upvote the feature request here.

Make stunning social posts, fast with Adobe Express

You can access Adobe Express on desktop via or download the app via Google Play or iOS App Store. It's free to use by anyone. If you have a Creative Cloud subscription you will also get access to premium features. If you don't have a Creative Cloud subscription and would like to try out the premium features, you can access a free 30 day trial HERE.

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