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MYTH: I need to draw to be a designer

Updated: Apr 8

Myth: I need to draw to be a designer image

I spent many years dreaming of becoming a designer but my inability to draw always held me back. I had outdated ideas in my mind from when designing was always done by hand.

I later learnt several methods to create designs without needing to draw in a traditional sense and so many new possibilities opened up to me. Taking those new found skills I was able to then learn how to create repeat patterns and learn all about surface design.

I had no idea that surface design was even a thing until I was taking a Certificate IV in Design and one of the topics covered was surface design. The idea of doing that for a job excited me a lot! I later quit my 20+ year IT career and I’m now working in my dream job as a Surface Designer.

I have met many people who have been in the same position as me so I thought I would share one of my methods with you all. I've just published my first Skillshare class! If you're not familiar, Skillshare it is an online learning community with thousands of classes on everything from business to graphic design to fashion - it's the Netflix of learning. Since we're all home more often, why not binge on learning?

Using my Surface Design skills, I am sharing some of my own tips in this class - Repeat Patterns for Beginners Using Shapes in Adobe Illustrator. This class is great for beginners wanting to create a repeat pattern but feel held back due to a fear of not being able to draw. I'll share one of my favourite ways to accomplish this using shapes.

Repeat Patterns for Beginners using Shapes in Adobe Illustrator Graphic

As a special bonus lesson, I'll also share with you how to layout a file to print four tea towel panels ready for you to sew! You can watch my class for FREE for the next four weeks by using my special link.

I hope you'll enjoy it!




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